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Plantain Puff Puff – Nothing beats homemade Puff Puffs! This version of puff puff is made by adding plantains together with the yeast batter, and they turn out soft, savory, and sweet. They’re fresh, soft, and chewy. Not to mention they are super easy to make and absolutely delicious. You will get addicted!

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Whether you’re a steak or burger lover or simply seeking a hearty meal, we have a list of beef recipes to ignite your taste buds. Tasty Beef Recipes Beef is a nutrient-dense food that provides essential vitamins, minerals, and protein for optimal health, muscle growth, and energy levels. Its versatility in cooking offers a wide …

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This Spicy Shrimp Pasta recipe makes an incredible hearty delicacy. The combination of garlic, red pepper flakes, and shrimp create a spicy dish bursting with flavors. Ready for dinner in about 40 minutes. If you’re anything like me, you’re always searching for new recipes that bring a little extra zest to your dinner table. Well, …

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This is an incredibly easy but delicious recipe. The uniqueness of this jollof rice lies in the roasting of bell peppers, tomatoes, onions, and garlic. This brings an additional depth of flavor to the meal. If you’re looking for a Jollof Rice recipe that will be the star of the show, this is it!

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Versatile and tasty, this egg salad recipe is that dish you need to try out. Perfect for a hearty egg salad sandwich, you can enjoy this for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! What is Egg Salad? Egg salad is a popular dish made using hard-boiled eggs, mayonnaise, and Dijon mustard, often accompanied by a variety of …

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Yam pottage/Yam Porridge (Asaro) Recipe – Asaro which is also known as Yam pottage or Yam porridge is a very delicious Yam recipe though it’s eaten by most tribes in Nigeria however, it is more common in the Yoruba-speaking parts of Nigeria. It’s also easy to make. If you love yam, it’s a must-try recipe!

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Welcome to our blog. Restaurant Trentina explores the rich diversity of culture and joyful voice of cuisine in the regions of northeastern Italy. Going forward, our goal is to show you that you can make delicious mouthwatering, restaurant-quality food right in your own home. Our style is a mix of rustic, bold, and modern dishes. Our …

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20 Grilled Chicken Recipes If you believe that grilled chicken recipes should only be reserved for special occasions, like a summer family cookout, then you’ve been thinking wrong. There’s so much to explore with grilled chicken and it is versatile enough to be served all year long, on any occasion — even regular family dinners.

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We welcome all fans of to our bread-making and baking blog! In 2020, Philly Bread rebranded as Merzbacher’s after moving to Germantown. Today, Merzabacher continues to make Philly muffins, which are widely known as the english muffin of Philadelphia.  If you are looking for Philly muffins or Philly bread, please visit Or visit Address: 4530 Germantown …

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If you are interested in writing a story about Chef Lola’s Kitchen or are looking for an expert source for a column, please email me at These are some places Chef Lola’s Kitchen has been mentioned or featured: October 2023 Roti Takes a New Form: Convenience Food June 2023 23 Flatbread Recipes You Can Easily …

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Peri-Peri Chicken (Piri Piri Chicken) – This is a delicious traditional spicy African chicken dish made from a combination of birds-eye chilies, herbs, and spices. It’s extremely easy to make and the ingredients you need are probably what have on hand or ingredients that you can easily source fro from your local store. 

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Puff puff is one of our popular street snacks.  It’s a no stress snack and also straightforward. The most common type of puff puff is the sweet version but we also have the ”not so sweet version” which is the spicy/savory version. Puff Puff is iconic of most West African countries and it is named differently in different …

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Easy Moist Carrot Cake From Scratch – This homemade carrot loaf cake is a delectable, tasty and mouthwatering dessert. It uses fresh Carrots, walnuts and aromatic spices like Cinnamon, Nutmeg, and cloves.   This delicious decadent Carrot cake is anytime indulgence from breakfast Tea to appetizing dessert to birthday cakes to potlucks and the list …

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Easy Vanilla Cupcake recipe from scratch – Who doesn’t love homemade light and fluffy Vanilla cupcakes? Especially when it’s homemade! These vanilla cupcakes are moist, fluffy, and delicious, making them the perfect base for all sorts of mix-ins and frostings. They are just as tasty plain as they are frosted with buttercream or ganache.

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African Yam (fried puna Yam) – Deep-fried to a crispy, golden brown exterior while remaining tender inside, known for its delicious taste and crunchy texture. This recipe is a delicious twist on the traditional fried yams I grew up with. African Yam (fried puna Yam) African yam used in this recipe is different from orange-fleshed …

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