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Happy mothers day!

I am a very emotional person, I express myself a lot through my emotions, I smile, I laugh, I cryyyy!!!…. at slightest event or even a passing comment could easily bring me back down to memory lane. As I’m writing this piece, guess what? I got emotional again and do you know which of my emotions I expressed? You guessed right.

It’s mothers day today and as my husband was wishing me happy mothers day this morning and he was reminding me of how far we’ve come….yea, emotions…. 🙂 I just decided to pen this little piece down for all our grandmothers, mothers, and all the girl child.

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As a girl child, I was encapsulated with the thought and passion of growing up to become a mother. Though I did not know what it entailed (I thought it was easy). I remember how I adored my dolly and cared so much for it that I always took my mum’s head scarf and made clothes with it for my dolly and I remember my mom telling me ”e ma ge gbogbo gele mi. Ejo eje kin r’aso wo” – meaning ”don’t cut all my scarf, kindly leave me some clothes to wear”. LOL.  I couldn’t relate to that statement so much at that time because I thought in my mind; of course you can easily get  another one (I thought she had a lot of money 🙂 ).

As I grew older into my teenage years, I saw my aunties (two of them) come to our house with babies and complain so much of sleeplessness and the other things women complained about and I thought hmm….is it not just a little baby? I felt there was something wrong somewhere how could a big person like my aunty be tired and exhausted over a tiny baby like this?.  A couple of times, I remember taking the baby from one my aunty to play with her so as to relief her of the complain. In my mind, I thought taking care of a child is so easy stop complaining!. Please don’t judge me you can’t really know until you are there.

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Now I am grown woman with my own kids and in my Mom and Aunties shoes. I have worked in a couple of places and I’m still working but so far I have come to realize that motherhood is the most difficult job in the world: It’s not a play like playing with my dolly as a girl child, neither is it baby sitting for a couple of hours like I did for my aunties. No! it is way beyond that, it is an endless job. Starting from the journey of pregnancy to the pain in delivery room to the sleepless nights. It is an endless road of dedication, devotion, sympathy, forgiveness, prayers, selflessness, perseverance, sacrifice, compassion, mentorship, love…. and MOTHERHOOD. Kudos to our mothers!
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Happy mothers day to all true mothers!
Lola .O.

Easy Chicken Curry Recipe

Chicken Curry or Curry Chicken as some will like to call it is a fragrant, delicious dish from South Asia, Southeast Asia, as well as in the Caribbean but this Chicken dish has found its way across the hearts of so many people beyond these boundaries. This recipe is usually served with white Rice or flat Bread like Chapati.

Easy Curry Chicken

I know this popular Asian inspired dish has a lot of variations but they all point to the same delicious aroma of Curry!

Curry Chicken

This Chicken curry recipe is not just delicious but it is very easy to put together. Not so much spice is used in this particular recipe, but the little that is used blends together so well to create a great tasting dish.

chicken meat

Cutting the Chicken into bite size reduces your cooking time. I used Chicken breast for this recipe but of course, you can use any Chicken part of your choice.

Note: You can use bigger portions of the Chicken like the Thighs or drumsticks but it will definitely take a longer time to cook.

stir fried onions

I like to add a form of heat to my curry chicken recipe and my favorite is the Habanero (Scotch bonnet) because it does not only add the heat, it also adds flavor. Feel free to remove the seeds if you want less heat – I used just half of a whole pepper, feel free to use to your taste.

mixing the ingredients

Once the Onion becomes translucent, add the Chicken and the seasoning then mix together until the chicken is well coated. Stir in the Coconut Milk and Tomato paste and leave it to cook for about 5 minutes. Yes, I used Coconut milk because I love it and most people do but if you don’t like it, you can substitute with Greek Yoghurt.

mixing the ingredients

After about 5 minutes, add the Potatoes and the Chicken stock mix it together until the Potatoes become tender.

mixed ingredients

…..and voila! Your chicken curry is ready!

curry chicken

Serve with White Rice or any flat Bread like Chapati.


You can as well use chili powder or Fresh Chili peppers for this Chicken Curry recipe but my choice is the Habanero pepper because it also adds a ton of flavor to the meal.

Watch the detailed video on how to make this easy curry Chicken below:

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Best of Chef Lola’s Kitchen 2016

Welcome to Year 2017! I can’t believe how 2016 came and left so quick. First, I like to thank all my lovely subscibers and readers for a smooth ride through the year on this blog, you have all being amazing! By the way, if you are yet to subscribe to my kitchen posts please do so after this article.

Year 2016 has sure being a memorable one for sure, from politcs to social media drama to….Yea it’s being a lot but through it all, I am grratful to God for this new year.

I learnt so much this past year and alot of things has contributed to my growth and influenced my personal decisions. I wish I could write all about it but this is the chief of them all: I learnt how to fit different things into little time – I know multi tasking is a must for every mum but I must say, I learnt how to do it in a different way this year.

I enjoyed putting this piece together and i hope you enjoy reading it. Without further ado, I present to you:

The best of chef Lola’s Kitchen 2016!

  1. African Egg Roll – Yea, this Egg Roll recipe has been number one since the day I posted it and even till now as I’m writing. Thanks to all of you who gave feedbacks and sent pictures on my social media pages. 🙂

    How to make the Nigerian Egg Roll

    The Nigerian Egg Roll Recipe

  2. African doughnut – The Doughnut recipe takes the number two position. Get the detailed recipe here
Nigerian Doughnut


3. Nigerian fried Rice – My easy Fried Rice recipe takes the third position. I guess this is due to the simplicity of the recipe and the ease at which you can put it togeter without compromise on the taste.

Nigerian Fried Rice recipe, quick and easy fried rice recipe, this fried rice recipe can be eaten for lunch. This fried rice recipe is an easy dinner recipe for the family,

Nigeian fried Rice

4. Buns – The Nigerian Buns, slightly crunchy on the back and soft on the inside. Check out the full recipe here.


Nigerian Buns recipe

How o make the Nigerian Buns

5. African pound Cake – I have got a ton of feedback on this Cake recipe. Thanks to everyone who tried it out!

Nigerian Cake

The Nigerian Cake

6.  African Fish pastry – Yummy deep fried Fish roll is also on our list. Detailed recipe here.

How to make the Nigerian Fish Roll

Nigerian Fish Roll Recipe

7. Sweet white Milk Bread – This Bread recipe is definitely a must try. Very soft, slightly chewy.

Soft sweet white Bread recipe

Soft sweet white Bread

8. Nigerian Chicken pie – The Nigerian Chicken pie got it into the list, though I posted this recipe not long ago it made it to the list. Have you tried it?

The Nigerian Chicken Pie recipe

How to make the Nigerian Chicken Pie

9. Bread Rolls – I know a lot of you might have tried this soft bread rolls recipe because of the amount of review I get on it but if you are yet to try it please do, you will love it.

How to make Bread Rolls

Bread Rolls

10. Oven baked Moin moin – The last (definitely not the least) on my list is the oven baked moin moin. It’s a really nice recipe especially if you are not getting the result you want from the steamed Moin moin. Just in case you have some trouble making Moin moin right you can read this article on how to make better Moin moin.

Moin Moin - Moi Moi

Oven Baked Moin Moin (Moi Moi)

Once again, I wish you a fulfilled year ahead and may all your wishes and desires be accomplished. I love you all.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

How to make better Moin Moin (Moi Moi) – Why is my Moin Moin Mushy?

How to make better Moin Moin (Moi moi) – Why is my Moin moin mushy? I have heard this question over and over again and I will like to address it today. Moin moin is quite easy to make but it can be quite tricky if you don’t know the basics. I will be sharing some tips on how to make Moin moin moist and firm.

When I say moist, I don’t mean mushy, who likes a mushy Moin moin anyways? I mean the Moin moin that is not dried out and crusty and this usually happens when the baking method is used to prepare the Moin moin without taking proper precautions; and when I say firm I mean Moin moin that holds together and don’t fall apart when served.

Make a better Moin moin

Moin moin

Now, lets go into the basics of how to make Moin Moin

1. Soaking the Beans: I know we need to soak the Beans before peeling it, but sometimes even after the peeling, the Beans can still be hard, be sure to soak the Beans again in water until it’s soft.Don’t be in a rush to blend. If you blend the Beans when its still hard it will come out grainy and that will prevent the Moin Moin from binding together well when you cook it.

2. Eliminate Tomatoes or any Tomato-based products: Tomato is very juicy and adding Tomato or even Tomato-based products to your moin moin will loosen the bond in your Moin Moin so try to eliminate this when making Moin Moin. In addition to that, Tomatoes will make your Moin moin go sour in a little time. 

3. Excess Water:  It’s very important not to let your Moin moin be too watery. If the water content in the moin moin is too much it will not bind together when you cook it, hence, your moin moin will turn out mushy.

4. Sealing the moin moin: It’s a good idea to seal up the moin moin properly before cooking it, this will prevent the steam from settling over the it and this steam can also seep through it during the steaming process and this can ruin the Moin moin.

5. Undercooked Moin moin: This is a mistake that is often made as well. Some Moin moin recipes calls for 30 minutes cooking which is fine but you need to take into consideration the type of container used in this recipe. The smaller containers will definitely cook faster than the ones cooked in a large container Cooking it halfway will also result in a Mushy Moin Moin.

6. Allow the Moin moin to cool down: Leaving the moin moin to cool a little before serving it also helps to harden it as long as it’s well cooked. You can also put it in the fridge for a couple of minutes before serving it.

7. If the steaming method does not work for you, try the baking method. Yes it’s that easy, experiment on the method that suits you and stick to it.

After after all said and done, if you have tried all the above and your moin moin is still not binding together, feel free to beat in 1 or 2 raw eggs together with your blended beans before cooking it. The Egg will serve as a binder and thus help your Moin Moin to stay in shape. 


Ewa Agoyin (Ewa Aganyin)

Ewa Agoyin (Ewa Aganyin) is a very popular street food, especially on Lagos streets. It is made by boiling Beans until it’s really tender then mashing it.

This delicious meal is usually accompanied by a spicy stew which is usually referred to as Ewa Agoyin (Ewa Agoyin) Stew.

This recipe came to Nigeria through the influence of the Agoyin People from Cotonou in Lagos and Nigerians have gladly accepted this meal.

How to make Ewa Agoyin (Ewa Aganyin) Recipe

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