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National Taco Day Merger

Statement From the National Taco Day Team: Logo

National Taco Day would like to announce its merger with Chef’s Lola’s Kitchen, an online recipe-sharing platform based in the United States. is a website that exhibits an array of simple recipes ranging from quick-and-easy eats to fine-dining cuisine made at home. In addition, they offer extensive nutritional information about all the dishes published. 

By promoting more tacos and Mexican-inspired dishes, the merger will further strengthen the presence of National Taco Day on the national culinary scene.

In addition, this puts’s content expansion in the forefront in terms of diversity, not only in flavor and cuisine but also in the audience. It will interest readers to discover that the recipes website holds more than just your easy-to-follow guides to cooking your favorite dishes.

Therefore, be prepared for our upcoming release of Taco and Mexican dishes such as Shrimp Tacos, Pasta Tacos, Taco Soup, and many more. We invite you to get ready for our fun experience.

About National Taco Day

National Taco Day is an information hub dedicated to celebrating Taco Dish throughout North America. This “National Holiday” has been around for a number of years and is a popular pop culture celebration in the fast-growing food and beverage category on social media.

On this day we strive to promote news and history pertaining to Tacos and their celebrations in North America.