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African recipes are always a delight. If you are familiar with African recipes, you will know that rich foods like  Jollof Rice, African fried rice, Okra soup and more are very dear to our hearts.

I have also included a compilation of African’s favorite snacks like puff puff, Buns, Chin Chin, and Fish Rolls. Let’s get the party started!

This is an incredibly easy but delicious recipe. The uniqueness of this jollof rice lies in the roasting of bell peppers, tomatoes, onions, and garlic. This brings an additional depth of flavor to the meal. If you’re looking for a Jollof Rice recipe that will be the star of the show, this is it!

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Niter Kibbeh – Ethiopian spiced clarified butter condiments used in various dishes, from stews and soups to sautés and marinades. Make this authentic flavor from your kitchen and enjoy. What is Niter Kibbeh? Like the regular ghee used in cooking, Niter kibbeh is a spiced clarified butter staple ingredient in Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisine. It …

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Yam pottage/Yam Porridge (Asaro) Recipe – Asaro which is also known as Yam pottage or Yam porridge is a very delicious Yam recipe though it’s eaten by most tribes in Nigeria however, it is more common in the Yoruba-speaking parts of Nigeria. It’s also easy to make. If you love yam, it’s a must-try recipe!

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If you’re interested in trying some new, delicious foods from South Africa, then you’ve come to the right place! Here are some of the top South African recipes that are sure to become favorites with you and your family members – they’re always tasty, filling, and of course completely authentic. From boerewors (braai sticks) to …


Plantain Puff Puff – Nothing beats homemade Puff Puffs! This version of puff puff is made by adding plantains together with the yeast batter, and they turn out soft, savory, and sweet. They’re fresh, soft, and chewy. Not to mention they are super easy to make and absolutely delicious. You will get addicted!

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Peri-Peri Chicken (Piri Piri Chicken) – This is a delicious traditional spicy African chicken dish made from a combination of birds-eye chilies, herbs, and spices. It’s extremely easy to make and the ingredients you need are probably what have on hand or ingredients that you can easily source fro from your local store. 

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This easy one-pot Vegetable Couscous recipe is loaded with highly nutritious vegetables amongst other ingredients. It’s Fluffy, fragrant, and tasty with a kiss of warm flavors. Can be thrown together as a side to your favorite meat or a hearty meal on its own plus it’s on the table in just 30 minutes. Truly a …

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