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Welcome to my virtual kitchen!

My name is Lola, and this is the space where I share my fast, easy, family-friendly meals!

I’m the wife of one amazing man who, despite his busy schedule, takes his time to be the photographer and tech guy behind this blog. Plus, he’s my number one fan. I’m also the mom to three adorable kids, ten years and under, who love to dictate the meals I make (super busy momma!).

I’m happiest when I’m investing time in what matters most to me – family, health, career, personal growth, friends, and adventures, engaging in great conversation over a meal I just prepared, crossing something off my bucket list – like learning to ride a scooter! and being the reason behind the priceless look of joy on someone’s face. But I remind myself to choose happiness on laundry day, too!

A little bit of background …

I was born and raised in Nigeria, and this has greatly influenced what and how I cook. I mainly cook from scratch using fresh and minimally processed produce and cost-effective everyday ingredients that are readily available in your pantry or can easily be found at your local grocer.

I use a global approach to cooking, which helps expand the palate. While I cook indigenous African recipes, a lot of my dishes appeal to a broader audience. I have a wide range of recipes that will please seafood, chicken, or beef lovers, vegetarians, and the pickiest eater at your table.

My passion for cooking started at a very early age. My dad thinks I was about six, but I cannot remember a time before I started cooking. The passion and love I had for food in my childhood days have not yet changed; in fact, it continues to grow.

I’m a self-taught baker. Though both my late grandmother and my aunt were bakers, I did not learn any skills from them. I guess it runs in the blood!

I got my first job as a restaurant manager before moving to the States to join my husband. When I got to the States, I knew I wanted to pursue my passions. I had to choose between cooking and sewing (yes, I sew!). I chose cooking, and blogging has become my outlet to share my recipes.

Other things to know about me …

  • I cooked a meal for a crowd of about 20 people at the age of 8 – a traditional Nigerian meal called Amala, made by stirring yam flour into hot water until a doughy lump is formed.
  • My love for sewing remains, and I still sew when I can. I love making dresses for my little princess and myself. However, I’m not so good at sewing for boys and men. But I recently challenged myself and made a shirt for my son for the first time. I was proud of my results and so happy I made it.
  • I studied Geology and Mineral Science in college but have never worked in that field (by choice).
  • I’m quite shy, but if you’ve only known me recently, you may not notice because I’m getting better.
  • I have a weakness for freshly baked goods – I think I got that from my grandma! So you will find a lot of baking recipes on this platform like my Super Soft Bread Rolls, No-knead Bread Rolls, Sweet Milk Bread, Meat Pies, and much more.

What you will find on this blog:

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Nothing gives me more joy than seeing you recreate my recipes. If you do, I would love to see the pictures of your creations on Facebook or Instagram; be sure to tag #cheflolaskitchen!

Feel free to contact me here with questions, suggestions, or information. I will reply as soon as I can.

I made a list of my top favorite products that I use in my kitchen. They are now available for you to shop.

I do hope you enjoy your stay here in my kitchen. xoxo


Thursday 5th of October 2023

I have followed your recipe, Easy Roast Chicken with Dry Rub, many times and it is has become my family's favorite roasted chicken. I have used the seasoning on whole chicken AND on baked chicken thighs. Delicious every time! THANK YOU!

Chef Lola's Kitchen

Sunday 15th of October 2023

Great, KL 😃

Judith Uhing

Wednesday 9th of August 2023

Made the hot dog buns today. Had them with butcher shops family dogs along with fried cabbage and mac n cheese. Buns turned out perfect. My husband said they didn't need dogs but would be great with peanut butter. I told him if he wanted dinner rolls I would have shaped them different. Also like your comment on sewing for a boy. I do that for my grandsons. Problem is, there aren't many patterns for boys. Again thank you or the great recipe. I see more I'll be trying.

Chef Lola's Kitchen

Saturday 26th of August 2023

You are right, patterns aren't much for boys. Well done. 👍

Vaughn Griffiths

Friday 28th of July 2023

Lola, I stumbled on your website trying to understand the difference between Sweet-potatoes and Yams, which you explained clearly. However, Now that I'm here and you've sparked my curiosity, I'm motivated to explore your website. No doubt it's going to be a interesting learning experience. Thank you . . .

Chef Lola's Kitchen

Saturday 26th of August 2023

Welcome, Vaughn. I am sure you will learn a lot. Enjoy😂


Thursday 22nd of June 2023

Saw your catfish stew recipe in Iowa DNR mag can't wait to try it

Chef Lola's Kitchen

Sunday 27th of August 2023

I am sure you will enjoy it. Would love to hear from you, Steve whenever you try it.


Wednesday 14th of June 2023

I am dating a Nigerian man and honestly since I am Namibian (Southern part of Africa) I was never exposed to West African Food. My partner lives in Boston and I am planning to visit him soon and really want to impress him. Do you offer cooking classes? I am just thinking if I permanently move there to stay with him?


Chef Lola's Kitchen

Sunday 27th of August 2023

I don't have a cooking class, Ina. You can check this Nigerian Food – A Guide to the Delicious Nigerian Cuisine I have a list of recipes you can try. They are simple to make.