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Statement By the Acquisition Team. is pleased to announce its merger with Chef’s Lola’s Kitchen, a recipe-sharing platform based in the U.S. is a website that exhibits an array of simple recipes ranging from quick-and-easy eats to fine-dining cuisine made at home. Additionally, all the dishes published have extensive nutritional information. 

By promoting the art of baking bread, the merger will enhance Chef Lola’s Kitchen’s profile in the culinary baking world.

In addition, this puts’s content expansion in the forefront in terms of diversity, not only in flavor and cuisine but also in the audience. It will interest readers to discover that the recipes website holds more than just your easy-to-follow guides to cooking your favorite dishes.

About Philly Bread was founded in 2013 and began catering to wholesale clients who loved grain-based breads. In 2020, Philly Bread then rebranded as Merzbacher’s after moving to Germantown. Today, Merzabacher continues to make Philly muffins, which are widely known as the english muffin of Philadelphia. These muffins are made by hand from artisan grains and flours.