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Restaurant Trentina Merger

restaurant trentina

Restaurant is pleased to announce its merger with Chef’s Lola’s Kitchen, a recipe-sharing platform based in the U.S. is a website that exhibits an array of simple recipes ranging from quick-and-easy eats to fine-dining cuisine made at home. Additionally, all the dishes published have extensive nutritional information. 

By promoting more restaurant-quality recipes and Italian cuisine, the merger will further strengthen the presence of Chef Lola’s Kitchen on the national culinary scene.

In addition, this puts’s content expansion in the forefront in terms of diversity, not only in flavor and cuisine but also in the audience. It will interest readers to discover that the recipes website holds more than just your easy-to-follow guides to cooking your favorite dishes.

About Restaurant Trentina

Restaurant Trentina was envisioned by Chef Jonathon Sawyer as a place to explore the rich multicultural culture and joyful voice of food in northeastern Italy.