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Our First Trip To The Universal Studios

Our family’s first trip to Universal Studios was an unforgettable adventure full of excitement, laughter, and valuable lessons.

It was our first time going to Universal Studios together as a family, so we were all excited to make new memories and have fun together. We went with two other family friends, each with their own kids, making for a party of enthusiastic theme park explorers. It was a lively and cheerful troop!

Upon entering the park, we were greeted by the lively atmosphere and the promise of enchanting experiences.

We had a blast at Universal Studios!

One of the first stops on their journey was the Studio Tour. With anticipation running high, we climbed aboard the tram and set off on a behind-the-scenes exploration. The children’s eyes widened as they witnessed real movie sets, soundstages, and even a few special effects demonstrations. We all marveled at the magic of movie-making, and the kids couldn’t help but feel like they were part of the action.

Next on the agenda was a visit to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Some of the children are avid fans of the series and could hardly contain their excitement as they entered the spellbinding realm.

A couple of us (including myself) are not into rollercoasters, but those who did say the ride was a thrilling experience that took them on a journey through the grounds of Hogwarts, encountering magical creatures and breathtaking scenes along the way. The adults, too, couldn’t help but be swept up in the enchantment.

No trip to Universal Studios would be complete without indulging in the park’s famous turkey legs. The families gathered around a picnic table, mouths watering as they bit into the juicy, tender meat and the other food we ordered as we shared stories of their favorite moments of the day.


As the day went on, we ventured into the world of the Minions. The line was super long, but the Minion ride was a hilarious and heartwarming experience that had everyone in fits of laughter. The kids were delighted by the mischievous antics of these lovable yellow creatures, and the adults couldn’t help but get caught up in the fun.

After that, the kids enjoyed one of the carnival basketball game. The children eagerly tried their luck at winning plush toys while the adults cheered them on with proud smiles. It was a bonding experience that brought out the competitive spirit in everyone.

Lesson learned

We learned that it’s very important to get there early if you want to get a good parking spot and also take advantage of most of the rides and attractions that you want in the day. You can’t just show up at noon and expect to see everything—you’ll be waiting in line for hours!

Time To Leave

As the sun began to set, we reluctantly made our way to the exit, tired but filled with unforgettable memories. We knew that this magical day at Universal Studios would remain etched in their hearts forever, and we eagerly looked forward to our next adventure at the park.