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30 Slow Cooker Recipes

If you love to eat really juicy, flavorful, delicious, fall-apart chicken, then these 30 Crockpot Chicken Recipes are just the right place for you to get ideas for your next meal. The best part is that the crockpot is intuitive and does most of the cooking work for you. You can time your meal to be ready the minute you get back home from work or wherever. 

Slow Cooker Recipes

Crockpot chicken recipes are the easiest ever. There’s something for everyone — comfort soups, sauces to go over rice, noodles, and pasta, shredded chicken for sandwiches, and sliders.

1. Slow Cooker Chicken Shawarma

This slow cooker chicken shawarma recipe is a Middle Eastern dish that needs little prep time and is healthy flavorful low carb, and easy to make. The chicken breast is slowly roasted in a blend of spices to give it a complex flavor. You can serve over rice or in a flatbread wrap, sandwich, or salad bowl.

2. Creamy Crockpot White Chicken Chili

This delicious white, creamy chili is perfect for those chilly winter and fall nights when you want to sit with your comfy blanket and watch your favorite show. It’s super easy to make and has a lot of spices and herbs that give an extra depth of flavor. 

3. Buffalo Chicken Dip In A Crockpot

This recipe is a mix of shredded chicken breast, creamy cheese, ranch dressing, and hot buffalo sauce. This dip is a perfect appetizer for parties, snacks.

4. Crockpot Chicken & Broccoli

Looking for a delicious but healthy sauce to serve over your rice? Then try this crockpot chicken recipe. You’ll never be able to get enough.

5. Slow Cooker Chicken Breast with Gravy

This tender chicken breast and savory, thick, flavorful gravy sauce is the ultimate comfort food. Serve with mashed potatoes, steamed veggies, white rice, rolls, and bread to make the experience completely wholesome.

6. Slow Cooker Butter Chicken

The rich, creamy sauce of this butter chicken recipe is so good, you’ll never want to miss any bite. Tender, richly spiced, savory sauce and plump, juicy chicken compliment each other so well, especially when you serve over a dish of rice, with naan bread, or other flatbreads.

7. Crockpot Chicken and Rice

This easy, cheesy, creamy chicken and rice recipe is very family-friendly and perfect comfort food for those busy weeknights. Your family will thank you for it.

8. Crockpot Sesame Chicken Recipe

Put all the ingredients needed in your crockpot and have this delicious dinner ready for your family in no time. It’s a definite crowd-pleaser, especially with people who love Asian cuisine.

9. Crockpot Chicken Enchilada Soup

This amazing twist on the classic Mexican dish will have you salivating even before dinner is ready. It smells good and tastes even better.

10. Crock Pot Honey Garlic Chicken

Picture this — delicious bone-in chicken thighs slow cooked in well-seasoned honey garlic sauce until they fall apart. You can probably already see and TASTE it. This recipe is definitely one that should get on your books.  

11. Crockpot Chicken and Mushroom

This creamy, slow cooker chicken and mushroom soup is so easy to make and it is absolutely delicious. Serve with noodles, freshly cooked pasta, mashed potatoes, steamed vegetables, potato fries, and rice.

12. Crockpot Chicken Tortilla Soup

This recipe is easy to make with ingredients that you probably already have at home. It’s essentially tender chicken breasts cooked in chicken broth, fresh tomatoes, jalapenos, some herbs and spices, and topped with crispy tortilla strips. 

13. Slow Cooker Whole Chicken

This whole chicken is slow-cooked rotisserie style in a crockpot. Serve the chicken as a side for jollof rice, fried rice, creamy pasta, noodles, stir fry veggies, or steamed vegetables.

14. Slow Cooker Chicken Tikka Masala

If you thought that there’s absolutely nothing else you can do to a classic Chicken Tikka Masala dish to make it taste better than the original, then it’s because you haven’t had the crockpot version. Every bite is drenched in the rich, creamy, flavorful, and spice-rich sauce without being overpowered. Try it on a cold night when you really need something to get your blood flowing again.

15. Crockpot Meatloaf

If you want to extract as much flavor as you can from your crockpot meatloaf, use dried stuffing mix instead of regular breadcrumbs. The seasonings in the mix come together to complement the glaze.

16. Crock Pot Salsa Verde Chicken

To make crockpot salsa verde chicken, all you need to do is dump your shredded chicken breasts in green tomatillo sauce, tomato, garlic, and seasoning in a crockpot and go. Easy, convenient, delicious, and healthy.

17. Slow Cooker Jerk Chicken

If you want to try something different for your family dinner, then this slow cooker version of the classic Jamaican Jerk Chicken should come in handy. 

18. Crock Pot Balsamic Chicken

Cook your chicken to perfect tenderness in balsamic vinegar, herbs, and vegetables. Serve over rice, pasta, or shredded in a bun or sandwich.

19. Slow Cooker Thai Peanut Chicken

The peanut butter, garlic, soy sauce, and red pepper add different layers of flavors that surprisingly come together well to create this delicious dish. For the complete Asian experience, serve over cooked noodles.

20. Slow Cooker Apricot Chicken

This meal tastes as good as it looks and smells. The Dijon mustard adds a depth of tanginess while the apricots balance it out with some sweetness, a shot of acidity from the fresh lemon juice, herby earthiness from the parsley, a little bit of ginger and onions and you have a well-balanced flavor combination.

21. Slow Cooker Root Beer Chicken

On those days when you wish to eat some grilled chicken but don’t feel like slaving away on the grill, you can whip out your crockpot and recreate your favorite barbecue recipes. Tastes equally as amazing as the real deal but with none of the extra work.

22. Slow Cooker Mongolian Chicken

You can use a cornstarch slurry to thicken this classic Asian chicken dish on the stove and serve the sauce over rice, mashed potatoes, noodles, and pasta.

23. Slow Cooker Chicken Pot Pie

Throw your favorite pot pie vegetables, chicken breasts, seasonings, and chicken broth and leave to cook. Top with biscuits, or serve as a side with your favorite tossed salad, freshly cut fruits, vegetables, and garlic bread.

24. Slow Cooker Garlic Parmesan Chicken and Potatoes

Tender but crispy chicken thighs slowly cooked with some buttery, soft baby red potatoes, and tossed in freshly shaved parmesan cheese is the perfect comfort food you never knew you needed.

25. Slow Cooker Hawaiian Pineapple Chicken

If you cannot make it to the beautiful tropical island of Hawaii for your summer vacation, you can try to recreate the experience by your pool with this awesome crockpot chicken recipe.

26. Slow Cooker Orange Chicken

Do you want to make orange chicken that rivals something from your favorite takeout but aren’t in the mood for all the breading, frying, and browning it might involve? Bring out your crockpot and follow this recipe!

27. Creamy Slow Cooker Tuscan Chicken

Slather everything you have in this rich creamy sauce — rice, pasta, vegetables, noodles, mashed potatoes — you’ll love it.

28. Slow Cooker Chicken Noodle Soup

Your favorite comfort soup just got easier to make.

29. Slow Cooker Creamy Lemon Chicken

This very tender, creamy, buttery, lemon-garlic chicken and sauce is great over rice, pasta, and baked potatoes. If you have leftover chicken bits, you can make a salad or sandwich.

30. Slow Cooker Corn Chowder

There’s nothing like a hot pot of warm, comforting soup waiting for you after a long, hard day out in the blistering cold.

30 Slow Cooker Recipes


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