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20 Delicious Grilled Chicken Recipes

20 Grilled Chicken Recipes

If you believe that grilled chicken recipes should only be reserved for special occasions, like a summer family cookout, then you’ve been thinking wrong. There’s so much to explore with grilled chicken and it is versatile enough to be served all year long, on any occasion — even regular family dinners.

Grilled Chicken Recipe

From grilled chicken breasts to delicious salads, to special grilled BBQ chicken, to dry rubs, this collection of grilled chicken recipes will be sure to keep you fresh with lots of interesting ideas for any meal. Which would you be trying out first?

1. Grilled Chicken Breast

This juicy, grilled chicken breast recipe is perfect for eating as it is, shredded over a salad, or slattered with cheese and served on a bun.

2. Dry Rub Roast Chicken

If you’re looking for an easy-to-make, yet delicious chicken recipe for a fancy dinner, or any other festive occasion, then this dry rub roast chicken recipe will come in very handy. It doesn’t need any fancy tricks and will earn you rave reviews from your guests and family.

3. Grilled Chicken Tandoori

Chicken tandoori is an Indian delicacy made with roasted chicken marinated for hours in yogurt with a generous blend of spices that gives it its trademark red color. It gets its name from the cylindrical clay oven in which it is cooked in India (a tandoor). Luckily, you can replicate this recipe at home with just your grill or oven. Chicken tandoori pairs well with rice, naan bread, fries, and salad. 

4. Creamy Garlic Chicken

If you love the taste of garlic in your food, then this creamy garlic chicken recipe is just perfect for you. It uses an entire head of whole garlic cloves and garlic powder without overpowering the dish with a garlicky flavor. You can serve with mashed potatoes, rice, steamed vegetables, pasta, or salad.

5. Filipino Chicken Barbecue (INIHAW NA MANOK)

Inihaw na Manok is a staple Filipino street food served on skewers. This slightly sticky, delicious delicacy uses a lime-lemon soda, banana ketchup, soy sauce, brown sugar to give marinade to give the chicken a caramelized, tender, and juicy taste. You can serve alone or over rice.

6. Chicken Shawarma

Use your grilled chicken to make this twist to the classic Middle-Eastern Shawarma delicacy. The recipe is easy to make and the ingredients are easy to source (you probably already have them at home). 

7. Grilled Honey Mustard Chicken

With a blend of spices that just elevates its flavor, grilled honey mustard chicken is best served with a cold drink on a hot, lazy, summer afternoon with friends and family. Even the pickiest eater in your house will not resist its tempting taste and flavor.

8. Grilled BBQ Chicken

Everyone loves a really good BBQ. This grilled BBQ chicken recipe is easy to make, delicious, and will wow your family and guests.

9. Grilled Chicken with Avocado Salsa

Tantalize your taste buds with this recipe of grilled chicken breasts with cilantro, lime, and topped with fresh avocado salsa. It’s a healthy and delicious low-fat meal, perfect for lunch and dinner.

10. Herby Lemon Chicken Skewers

If you want something easy and fun to make, then this recipe is just perfect for you. It’s great for outdoor activities like picnics, camping, and you can use the leftover chicken pieces to make a great salad.

11. Dry Rub Chicken Wings

Don’t have time for a marinade but don’t want to sacrifice the great taste it gives your chicken, then you can try this dry rub chicken wing recipe. It uses a blend of different spices and can be paired with different sauces.

12. Pollo Asado

Pollo Asado is a Mexican grilled chicken dish made with a blend of Mexican spices, citrus, and achiote. You can serve it with rice dishes, mashes potatoes, salad, as well as Mexican black beans and corn.

13. Peri Peri Chicken

If you want something a litte bit hotter, peri peri chicken is a spicy but flavorful Portuguese-African dish. It pairs well with fries, rice, salad, potato wedges, fried plantains, mashed potatoes.

14. Grilled Chicken Fajitas

Grilled chicken fajitas are like regular fajitas but with a slight variation. The chicken is grilled to give it that charred, smoky flavor that adds a depth to the meal. Spice up your family dinnertime by serving grilled chicken fajitas.

15. Grilled Chicken Sliders With Caramelized Onions And Chipotle Coleslaw

The Chipotle coleslaw and caramelized onions take this recipe from tasty to astronomically delicious. Each bite is a burst of flavor that your friends and family will never forget. Make this grilled chicken slider a must-have at your next BBQ party.

16. Romesco Chicken Recipe

If you don’t mind your chicken having a little nutty flavor, then you should try this delicious Spanish grilled chicken recipe. The Romesco sauce is made with toasted almond nuts, roasted bell peppers, smoked paprika, garlic, red wine vinegar, and tomato paste.

17.  Grilled Pesto Chicken

If you have some pesto and chicken breast around the house, then you can make your family salivate at the dinner table with this grilled pesto chicken recipe. For people with nut allergies, the recipe is also nut-free.

18. Grilled Chicken Cobb Caesar Salad

Grilled chicken tastes amazing. So does a chicken Caesar salad and a Cobb salad. Now imagine tossing all of this on one plate. Bliss! You should definitely try out this recipe for a formal dinner or private one with just your family.

19. Grilled Chicken Wings with Seasoned Buffalo Sauce

Who says you cannot enjoy the same delicious flavor of Classic Buffalo Chicken with grilled chicken? Definitely, not me! Try this easy, no-fuss, delicious recipe at your next grill event and impress your guests.

20. Grilled Cherry Bourbon Chicken Recipe

The cherries, honey, and brown sugar make a sticky, sweet sauce that you cannot get enough of. The bourbon, garlic, and onions add a little more depth and complexity to the flavor of the grilled chicken. If you’re in the mood to experiment, you can even throw in a dash of Worchestershire sauce and watch everyone get dreamy expressions on their faces after the first bite. 

Grilled Chicken Recipes

20 Delicious Grilled Chicken Recipes

If you believe that grilled chicken recipes should only be reserved for special occasions, like a summer family cookout, then you’ve been thinking wrong. There’s so much to explore with grilled chicken and it is versatile enough to be served all year long, on any occasion — even regular family dinners.
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