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Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes

Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes – Let’s face it, thanksgiving is all about the turkey. And with Thanksgiving just a few days away, you need to start thinking about what you’re going to cook. So I wanted to showcase some delicious and different thanksgiving turkey recipes on this blog. These 10 thanksgiving turkey recipes are going to help make your holiday dinner a hit!

A collection of Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes

Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes

It’s Thanksgiving!  Tis the season for turkey. With so many delicious options out there, you may be struggling to find that perfect recipe. These turkey recipes are sure to please just about anyone.

1. Air Fryer Turkey Thighs

You shouldn’t stay in the kitchen the whole day when you need to spend time with family and friends. This is a time-saving turkey recipe for all seasons. Combining herbs, aromatics, and a bit of spice will result in an extremely delicious recipe. Taste it and enjoy!

2. Easy Oven Roasted Turkey Thighs

This version of the turkey recipe features turkey thighs with beds of vegetables. They are roasted in the oven until crisp and succulent. This delicious one-pan meal is simple to make and will delight everyone. I love how easy they are to prepare; how juicy and tasty they are! You will love them too.

3. Oven-Roasted Turkey Legs Recipe

A perfect show-stopping meal for Thanksgiving. These easy roasted turkey legs are made with tasty marinades of spices, garlic, and fresh herbs. Enjoy with family and friends and watch them ask for more.

4. Crispy Oven-Roasted Turkey Wings

Crispy-roasted turkey wings are an excellent option if you don’t want to make the whole bird. The recipe used homemade dry rub spice mix, which means zero oily mess. No marinades but a delicious result. You should try it.

5. Air Fryer Turkey Legs

Are you hosting a thanksgiving dinner for a small crowd? These air fryer turkey legs are an absolute crowd-pleaser. With minimal prep and staple ingredients, make a flavourful turkey recipe soaked in delicious lemon marinade in less than an hour. It is a perfect fit when you cannot make a whole turkey.

6. Smothered Turkey Wings

If you want something slightly different from the regular, you should try these smothered turkey wings. This one-pot recipe has a fantastic aroma that will fill your kitchen all day. More so, its delicious velvety gravy makes all the difference.

7. Air Fryer Turkey Breast

If you want a budget-friendly thanksgiving recipe, you can bet on this air-fryer turkey breast. The turkey is rubbed with herbs and spices and baked till perfect. You will get a crispy-skinned turkey with a tender and juicy inside. Serve it with potatoes, veggies, gravy, or any other combination of your choice. Yummy!

8. Air Fryer Turkey Wings

This healthy turkey wings recipe combines juicy turkey wings seasoned with black pepper, onion powder, smoked paprika, and cayenne pepper.

9. Oven-Roasted Turkey Breast

My family loves this oven-roasted turkey breast recipe! It is easy to follow and versatile enough to be served with whatever you fancy. In addition, it only takes ten minutes to prep, and the rest is waiting for it to cook. As a bonus, the bottom of the pan will brown to make good gravy.

10. Oven-Baked Turkey Wings

If you prefer turkey wings, then you will love these oven-roasted turkey wings. Season it with garlic powder, paprika, black pepper, and parsley flakes for juicy, moist, tender, and crispy turkey wings. Serve over rice, mashed potatoes, or any other side dish.

11. Super Juicy Roast Turkey – Dry Brined

Bonus!!! This is a fully roasted turkey dry brined to bring the best flavor to your Thanksgiving table. It is lightly stuffed with aromatics and buttered on the skin to give you an incredibly juicy and flavorful turkey with a crispy skin. Enjoy this rich, crispy turkey with friends and family this season as you share the love over more thanksgiving dishes. Make it now, it is easier than you expected.

Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes

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