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30 Air fryer chicken dinner recipes

If you want a crunchy, juicy, and crispy air fryer chicken, you have to try at least one of these recipes we have curated for you. Say goodbye to boring recipes and bland chicken. 

Air fryer chicken dinner recipes

Air Fryer Chicken recipes are abundant. There are new recipes daily. However, you don’t need to worry about your subsequent recipe trial. We have about 30 recipes for you here. Choose any and create a wonderful memory with your family and friends.

  1. Air Fryer Chicken Drumsticks

Imagine the sweet feel of drumsticks served with chilled juice. Yes, that is the satisfaction you get from this flavored air fryer chicken drumsticks. If you want a crispy, crunchy chicken drumstick with low fats, this recipe is a perfect one. Interestingly, it is fast and straightforward to make. 

2. Air Fryer Chicken Breast

This is an all-time favorite. Here’s why: it is one of the easiest to make. It is a great one for the family, especially for kids that want succulent and tender chicken. More so, its ingredients are affordable and very healthy for every family member. 

3. Air Fryer Popcorn Chicken recipe

When you hear popcorn, what comes readily to mind is the tasty, crunchy snacks. Well, you can make a super-tasty popcorn from chicken too. Either for dinner or game day with many people, you will enjoy its unique taste.  Just serve with honey mustard, BBQ sauce, and any other dipping sauce of your choice. 

4. Air Fryer Breaded Chicken Breast

Do you know you can season your chicken with dry breadcrumbs and have excellent results? Away from the regular chicken breast recipe, you will see this is a perfect alternative to your deep-fried oily chicken. This tender and juicy version is convenient and economical to make because your air fryer needs very little oil.

5. Air Fryer Buffalo Chicken Thigh

If you prefer boneless chicken, there’s no better way to try it than using the buffalo seasoning with a touch of air fryer finish. To enjoy this healthy diet with your family, combine it with veggies or ranch potato. 

6. Crispy Air fryer Chicken Tenders

No meal is ever the same with this air fryer chicken tender. It’s tender, fast to make, and of course, delicious to eat. You can’t get enough. Serve with your favorite sauce. 

7. Crispy Air Fried Chicken Drumstick- Southern Style

Whether it is family dinner time or thanksgiving dinner with guests, this chicken recipe would definitely elevate your taste buds. You can make a juicy air-fried chicken in 10 minutes. If you are avoiding fatty meals, this southern-style air-fried chicken is perfect for you.

8. Air Fryer BBQ Chicken Wings

If you want good BBQ wings for dinner tonight look no further. This air fryer BBQ wings everything is made easy.

9. Air Fryer Asian-glazed Boneless Chicken Thighs

You will like this one. Chicken thigh marinated with soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, and honey will give you juicy results. It is not only juicy but also super tasty when you serve it with steamed veggies and rice. 

10. Air Fryer Chicken Satay

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will enjoy making this delectable recipe. If you want that smoky flavor with a yummy taste, try this. You can bet on the satisfaction you will get from this recipe. 

11. Air-Fryer Chicken Wings With Dry Rub 

Appetizer or main meal, this recipe is perfect for most meals. Surprisingly you don’t need to make a batter to achieve a great crisp. With straightforward steps, your finger-licking chicken is ready. 

12. Air Fryer Crispy Honey Chicken

This straightforward recipe will cost you nothing to make in your kitchen. The chicken is coated with cornstarch to give it a crispy feel. You should have a taste. 

13. Air fryer Greek Chicken Souvlaki recipe

Souvlaki is Grecian food with a unique taste. Fast to make, arrange on a stick, delicious to eat. 

14. Air Fryer Thai Peanut Chicken

Are you a peanut lover? There’s a chicken recipe for you. It is an excellent alternative to regular chicken recipes. Due to its classic taste, you can pair it with salad or rice. Even more, kids love it. 

15. Air Fryer Orange Chicken

Care for a gluten-free chicken recipe? This Asian recipe combines cornstarch, whisked egg, and an air fryer to lock in the juice in your chicken. You will love its juicy and heavenly taste. 

16. Air Fryer Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings

Get lemon pepper seasoning and make a wow-worthy chicken delicacy. Simple to make with no hassle. It has a tender texture, juicy taste, and crispy outside. 

17. Air Fryer Sweet and Sour Chicken

This sweet and sour chicken is delectable, finger-licking, and delicious to eat. You ditch take-out food if you try making this one. Super easy at one try for both expert and beginner chefs. 

18. Air Fryer Frozen Chicken wings

Do you know that you can make something delicious out of your Frozen Chicken? In case you forget to defrost, you can marinate with a season and air fry. Enjoy it with veggies or fries. 

19. Szechuan Air Fryer Chicken

This is one of the few recipes you don’t need oil for. Even if you are a beginner at using an air fryer, you can’t get this recipe wrong. All you need is your chicken, Szechuan sauce, and sesame seeds. 

20. Air Fryer Pineapple Chicken

Originating from Haiwan, this pineapple chicken has a classic flavor with a distinct taste. Simple recipe suitable for both summer and spring dishes. 

21. Air Fryer Chicken Meatballs

With a combination of spices and aromatics, you can achieve that classic Greek taste from your chicken meatball. This recipe represents a burst of many flavors that keeps you wanting more. It will make a perfect recipe for game night with a small crowd.

22. Air Fryer Whole Chicken Recipe

If you are looking for a fast dinner whole chicken recipe, you will love this. With this recipe, say goodbye to a bland whole chicken. With a mix of spices like cayenne pepper, salt, thyme, black pepper, and more, you can satisfy your palate. Make and enjoy it with your family.

23. Air Fryer Curry Chicken Kabobs 

This is one of the many wonders you can perform with your Air fryer. Isn’t it lovely that with an easily home-sourced recipe, you can make delicious Kabobs? Don’t look further; even your kids would enjoy this recipe.

24. Air Fryer Korean Chicken

You can create the Korean restaurant atmosphere right in your home with this delicious chicken recipe. It is spicy, savory, filling, and delectable. All you need is the regular air-fried chicken with a gingery marinade and gochujang sauce to finish it. That’s all, enjoy with family and friends.

25. Air Fryer Chicken Parmesan

Are you looking for a healthy and authentic Parmesan recipe? You have found the right one. You can enjoy your chicken with Parmesan coating and juicy inside. Serve it with pasta or steamed vegetables; you will come begging for more.

26. Air Fryer Chicken Tenders

If you don’t want the breaded tenders, you can have this delicious plain tender alternative. It is made with pantry ingredients. Season your tender with a dry rub, sit with family and enjoy your dinner time.

27. Air Fryer Teriyaki Chicken

This Teriyaki recipe will definitely blow your mind. It is one of the Chinese recipes that are easy to make and full of flavor. All you need to make this for your family is chicken with a savory sauce. It is ideally served with fried rice or steamed vegetables.

  1. Air Fryer Shredded Chicken

How do you want your chicken? Tasty, delicious, crispy, or juicy. You can get all this in this one recipe. It is perfect for weeknight dinners. Guess what? This one has high protein and low calories. Even though it is keto-friendly, you don’t have to compromise taste for satisfactory standards.

  1. Air Fryer Buttermilk Fried Chicken 

This is not the regular fried chicken, you know. Air-fried buttermilk chicken is a game-changer on any table. You should try it with friends and family. This recipe will give you a soft golden brown. The chicken is infused into buttermilk and comes out super-crunchy.

  1. Air Fryer Chicken and Veggies

If you are looking for a fast recipe on busy days, you can always trust this recipe. Its readiness in almost 30minutes makes it a simple and easy dinner-perfect recipe.  It’s practically dinner all in the air fryer at a time and it’s super healthy too!

30 Air fryer chicken recipes

Do you know that an air fryer is a healthy alternative to a deep fryer? While using an air fryer, you use less oil, and you get excellent results. More so the kitchen mess reduces. If you want a crunchy, juicy, and crispy chicken, you have to jump on these recipes we have curated for you. Say goodbye to boring recipes and bland chicken. 
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