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40 Baked Chicken Recipes For Chicken Lovers

You don’t have to stick to one baked chicken recipe when you can explore and switch up your kitchen game. Whether you want a recipe for regular weeknight dinners or special occasions, you will find a perfect option here. These recipes are healthy and incredibly delicious.

Baked Chicken Recipe

Oven-baked chickens are a great recipe option for all kinds of events, especially on busy weeknights. In addition, if you want low-carb, low fat, or keto-friendly meals, you should explore baking your chicken. The baking process is pretty much faster than you can imagine. Check here for outrageously delicious baked chicken recipes to upgrade your family meal. 

1- Peri-Peri Chicken (Piri-Piri/Pili-pili Chicken)

Pili-Pili chicken, often known as peri-peri chicken is a popular African dish that is characterized by its spicy and hot taste. The recipe is easy to make and the results are always delicious.

2- Baked Chicken Drumsticks Recipe

The secret to enjoying your chicken drumsticks is by following this recipe. If you like take-outs, you will stop once you try this simple recipe. You can choose either oregano, Italian or rosemary seasoning. No matter the seasoning, you will get a mouthwatering and juicy result.

3- Jerk Chicken Wings Recipe

These Jerk Chicken Wings are super tasty, and spicy as well! The marinating process is what makes them so flavourful. Serve them as an appetizer or as a main dish with a side of rice and peas or french fries.

4- Easy Roast Chicken With Dry Rub:

Don’t let a roast chicken dinner be boring again with this easy recipe and trick, making your bird moist and juicy every time.

5- Baked Chicken Breast

Classic, simple, but incredibly tasty. The baked chicken breast is ideal for your kids because it is high in protein. It is even suitable for adults because it is low in fat. Nothing beats the burst of flavor that comes from a perfect baked chicken breast.

6- Honey Soy Baked Chicken

If you make this Honey soy-baked chicken once, you may not try any other recipe again. Of course, you can add extra ingredients as you want, but the major ones you will need are olive oil, soy sauce, garlic, salt, and pepper for the spicy effect.

7- Dry Rub Baked Chicken Wings

There’s nothing more attractive than a no-marinade chicken recipe on busy weeknights. Low-carb lovers would love this one compared to deep-fried chicken because it has less saturated fat. The combination of paprika, garlic, corn starch, olive oil, and other ingredients is incredibly tasty.

8- Avocado Chimichurri Chicken Salad:

Filled with nutrient-dense ingredients, Avocado Chimichurri Chicken Salad is a simple, delicious and quick recipe to satisfy your health-conscious taste buds!

9- Santa Fe Baked Chicken

Do you want a baked recipe with less mess? You have only one dish to clean with this Santa Fe baked chicken recipe. You can enjoy this flavorful recipe with some caramel cheese. Every member of the family will come back for more.

10- Mayo Parmesan Chicken

The mayo parmesan chicken is one to die for. You can make moist and delicious chicken that all the family members would love with few ingredients. Easy to prepare, inexpensive ingredients, and yummy results.

11- Cheesy Baked Chicken Breasts with Mushrooms

You should add this easy-baked chicken breast recipe to your monthly dinner rotation. The baked chicken is topped with mozzarella cheese and tasty mushrooms. The best part is that it will fit perfectly into your keto diet and low-carb needs.

12- Chicken and potato bake:

A quick and easy one-pot dish that is packed full of flavor, this chicken and potato bake makes a perfect meal for those busy weeknights

13- Lemon Herb Baked Chicken

Are you looking for a healthy baked chicken recipe? You don’t have to compromise on taste. This lemon herb-baked chicken is a combination of tasty and healthy. Indeed, you will get a juicy result when you follow this recipe.

14- Mediterranean Baked Chicken

You will love the taste of this Mediterranean-baked chicken. It combines potatoes, chicken, cherry tomatoes, and onions. Add lemon garlic sauce to the mix and come back to get more.

15- Herb and Citrus Chicken

This herb and citrus chicken will make a perfect pick for your special occasion. The taste of this baked chicken with fresh lemon is out of this world, not to mention the addition of oranges and herbs. Ensure that you make more plates because your guests will come begging for more.

16- Garlic Butter Baked Chicken

This garlic butter-baked chicken is one of the most rewarding meals to make because the result is tender, juicy, and moist chicken. It is a mix of delectable tastes and buttery flavors you will love.

17- One-Pan No Peek Chicken & Rice

One-pan meals are always perfect for weeknights. Who likes the stress of doing many dishes after cooking? No one. This kid-friendly meal is what you also enjoy if you ever try it. Rice, creamy chicken, and soup are all-time favorites in any family.

18- Ultimate Primavera Stuffed Chicken

Perhaps you have picky eaters in your family; they will definitely embrace this primavera stuffed chicken recipe. In addition, it is fast, easy, and inexpensive to make for guests at picnics and other small gatherings.

19- Frosted Flake Chicken

Cooking frosted flake chicken is not a big deal at all. All you need is frosted flakes and other ingredients in your kitchen. Check this recipe to make that crispy and crunchy chicken with a juicy interior.

20- Spanish-Style Chicken Bake

Spanish recipes draw special attention to the dinner table. If you are wondering about this attraction, make this mouthwatering chicken, and you will discover the magic in it. Add a twist to your dinner rotation with this paprika-infused chicken.

21- Chicken Biryani

Chicken biryani is an Indian royal meal. You can experience royalty right in your home. You will forever be grateful for eating this delicacy for Thanksgiving and other special occasions. It may take time, but the tasty result is fantastic.

22- Greek Style Garlic Chicken

Say goodbye to complex chicken recipes when you try this recipe. The garlic in it gives a taste that excites your taste buds. You can always trust this recipe for dinner, lunch, fall, or summer.

23- Baked Chicken and Rice Casserole

You might have been struggling with baked chicken recipes in the past, but there is a change with this one. It gets even more addictive because of its delectable taste. If you don’t like creamy chicken recipes, this is a great option.

24- Chicken Alfredo Bake

There are several varieties of chicken alfredo, but the recipe here is straightforward. Whether an expert or beginner, you can make this from scratch and still make an amazing dish.

25- Chicken Marbella

Are you looking for a flavorful recipe that will suit the taste of the whole family? You have found one. To make a perfect chicken Marbella, you need to marinate your chicken with garlic and herbs and bake it to perfection. Then, you can combine it with green olives or briny capers.

26- Chicken-Bacon-Ranch Bubble-Up Bake

This homemade bacon-ranch chicken is the best you will ever eat if you follow this recipe. It is a one-pan meal that you can quickly make for dinner. It is healthy, meaty, and hearty.

27- Crispy Chicken Parmesan (Parmigiana)

This recipe is a perfect definition of comfort food. This is quite different from the mayo parmesan recipe because it is plainly crispy coated chicken with a divine seasoning that makes it taste heavenly.

28- Lemon Pepper Chicken

Cooking just one recipe for dinner can be boring? You can make a switch today to a more delicious recipe like lemon pepper chicken. If you like spicy food, you will enjoy this flavorful recipe. 

29- Bacon-Wrapped Chicken with Pepper Jelly Glaze

You don’t want to miss this one. All you need is chicken, bacon, crosswise, Dijon mustard, and red pepper jelly. Serve with cheddar mashed potatoes and roasted broccoli.

30- Apple Cider-Glazed Chicken Thighs

This apple cider-glazed chicken thigh will change your dinner game forever. The mixture of apple cider, garlic, mustard, and herbs will make a perfect sauce to drizzle on your chicken.

31- Creamy Cajun Chicken

If you want a perfect chicken to serve with your salad or sandwiches, the Cajun chicken recipe is a great choice. The recipe will help you achieve the moist chicken you have always wanted. It has a finger-licking taste and packs a lot of flavors into one meal.

32- Balsamic Chicken Breast

If you want a recipe beyond the regular for the main course or appetizer? You should make this version of balsamic. It is marinated in finger-licking balsamic marinades to satisfy your dinner cravings.

33- Baked Sweet & Spicy Chicken

You will find this in almost every cookbook because of its unique taste. No sentiments; your guest will ask for more if they taste it—the combination of sweet and spicy flavor births the pure magic that you cannot resist.

34- Marry Me Chicken

Looking for a crowd-pleaser chicken recipe? This version of baked chicken recipe can get anyone hooked on their first try. It is so good for your large family gathering. All you need are a few ingredients and about half an hour to prepare. 

35- Kentucky Baked Chicken

There’s something about Kentucky baked chicken that makes you want more. Its exterior is crunchy and crispy, while the inside is filled with meaty juice. The steps for making are pretty much straightforward. You can serve it with hot chips and salad.

36- Butter Baked Chicken  

This version of butter-baked chicken is creamy and full of awesome flavors. You simply need milk, flour, and butter to make the magic: a handful of ingredients and minimal prep time.

  1. Margarita Chicken

On busy weeknights, the best recipe to make is a simple and fast recipe and the margarita chicken recipe is a perfect example of such. The recipe consists of tequila, orange juice and lime marinades. Your taste buds are in for a treat. In addition, you can use this incredible margarita chicken as a base for other meals.

  1. Tandoori Chicken

This is one of my favorite Indian chicken recipes. If you want an upgrade in your dinner routine, choosing this tandoori chicken recipe will make a perfect choice. No more Indian restaurants. You can create a delectable dish right in your kitchen.

  1. Lemon and Thyme Chicken Breasts

You don’t have to waste the left-over chicken in your kitchen when you can make an awesome dish out of it. This recipe is loaded with flavor. The major ingredients that you need are lemon zest, thyme leaves, lemon juice, and chicken broth. 

  1. Lasagna-Stuffed Chicken

This recipe is incomparably the juiciest Italian chicken recipe. It features a balance of tomato sauce and sweet creamy mozzarella. It is ideal for busy weeknights and family special occasions.

40 Baked Chicken Recipes For Chicken Lovers


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