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21 Easy And Delicious Potato Recipes

Potato Recipes – Potatoes are delectable whether fried, mashed, baked, or grilled. They make a perfect choice for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Potato recipes

Potatoes Recipes

Potatoes are versatile; you can use them in making different dishes. There are flavorful, delicious, wow-worthy, and mind-blowing potato recipes here.

1.      Irio (African Mashed Potatoes)

Pick this one if you want potatoes with a mix of classic motherland and loads of pleasant flavors. The genius behind this recipe is powerful. Nothing tastes better than the blend of peas, corn, and potatoes. It is a perfect weeknight dinner recipe.

2.      Perfect Air Fryer Potato Recipe – Jacket Potatoes

This version of an excellent air fryer potato recipe is nothing short of amazing. You will enjoy the tenderness and fluffiness that signals your taste buds to ask for more.  Fast and straightforward potato recipe for all seasons.

3.      Perfectly Crispy Air Fryer Hasselback Potatoes

Crispy, buttery, and delicious are perfect descriptions of this potato recipe. It will make an excellent side dish plus a main meal for anyone that prefers to eat alone.

4.      Crispy Air Fryer Baby Potatoes

Are you thinking of breakfast for a large family gathering? This spice rub baby potato is the answer to your needs. You are in for a good treat with its fluffy interior and crispy exterior.

5.      Hot pot potatoes

Like the name, this is a hot recipe that you cannot resist. The meal is fast, impressive, and straightforward to make. Your dinner party and weeknight dinner are about to change gear with this amazing version of hot potatoes.

6.      Smooth, sweet, and savory Mashed Sweet Potatoes

This version of mashed potatoes is completely different from the conventional one that you know. Even though cooking and prep time requires little effort, you can expect a mind-blowing result with a sweet and savory satisfying taste.

7.      Oven Roasted Sweet Potatoes

For oven lovers, you can follow this recipe to create sweet roasted potatoes that you will never forget. This version can serve as snacks or side dishes for any meal. Despite the cooking simplicity, the result is really delicious and super tasty.

8.      Garlic Roasted Potatoes with Rosemary

Garlicky meals are favorites because of their burst of flavors. This version of garlic roasted potatoes is not an exception. Seasoned with rosemary, these roasted potatoes are a great addition to every table.

9.      Ground beef and potatoes Dinner

You should add this to your weeknight’s dinner rotation. Here’s why: this version is a one-pot dish that reduces the mess you experience in your kitchen. The combination of ground beef with potato is magical and hearty.

10.  Foolproof Homemade Mashed Potatoes

Cream and rich mashed potatoes are straightforward for beginners and experts. The mixture of milk, spice, and seasonings is amazing. If you want it more flavorful, you can add a dash of garlic and watch out for a mouthwatering meal.

11.  Breakfast Potatoes and Egg Stew

Egg stew and potatoes taste differently from the conventional potato taste. You will definitely enjoy the simmered tomato sauce with boiled potatoes. Healthy, delicious, and simple. You can make this a special meal for your kids. 

12.  Classic Rich and Creamy Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes

This is another classic garlicky potato mash with a distinct taste. It has a rich and creamy taste and is very easy to make. You can serve it with turkey gravy and drippings to enjoy.

13.  Scrambled Eggs and Potatoes Breakfast Muffins

This version is an ultimate breakfast recipe with everything you want in it. It has a nice appearance and is very delicious to eat. On a busy work morning, this is a quick recipe to make for your children as breakfast or lunch.

14.  Stewed Beef Potatoes

This one-pot potato with chunks of beef is incredibly delicious. Imagine the taste of potatoes and beef seasoned with paprika, salt, and black pepper; it is one of a kind. The stew is lovely with its luscious consistency, and you can reheat excess for the next day.

15.  Breakfast Potatoes

This recipe is an absolute family pleaser for breakfast. With a few ingredients, you can make a rich and delicious filling breakfast for adults and children in the family. If you want a tasty and fast breakfast option, this option is a winner.

16.  Spiced Air Fryer Potato Wedges

Do you love spicy potatoes? Spiced air fryer potato wedges will make a perfect choice. The potato comes out of the air fryer crisp and fluffy. You don’t need oil to fry, and this makes it a healthier version. You will have a taste of heaven when you match it with broccoli.

17.  No-Knead Potato Bread (Sandwich Bread)

You love bread, and you want a potato version of sandwich bread? Do no further search; this is the easiest potato sandwich bread you can make. Whether you are an expert or beginner, you can make a soft and fluffy bread that will catch the fancy of all your family.

18.  Crispy Baked Potato Wedges

If you are not a fan of deep-frying, you can trust these baked potato wedges. Fresh from the oven, fluffy inside, and crispy exterior. It is very healthy, easy to make, and full of pleasant flavors.

19.  Classic Creamy Potato Salad – Potluck Delight

Potluck delight is an ever-winning classic food ideal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In fact, your guests would enjoy it more during parties or festive seasons. It features a rich and creamy mixture of grilled meat, baked chicken, or crispy fried chicken.

20.  Breakfast Sweet Potato Hash

Potato hash is an all-time favorite, primarily because of its effortless preparation. It is a fast meal for family breakfast. All you need is sweet potatoes, onions, bell pepper, spices, and of course, winning ground chicken.

21.  Chicken and potato bake

Chicken and potato are two combinations that can never taste wrong. The marriage of chicken and potato with salt, black pepper, and paprika happens in one pot just the way you want it. You should try this excellent dish.

21 Easy And Delicious Potato Recipes


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