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Top Chef Lola’s Kitchen Recipes and

Welcome to our blog. Restaurant Trentina explores the rich diversity of culture and joyful voice of cuisine in the regions of northeastern Italy. Going forward, our goal is to show you that you can make delicious mouthwatering, restaurant-quality food right in your own home.

Our style is a mix of rustic, bold, and modern dishes. Our recipes are down-to-earth and easy to follow. No matter what your palate is into, whether it’s crispy fried chicken, yuca fries, sweet pound cake, or Spicy Jambalaya. Your family and friends will never be disappointed.

Jambalaya pasta served in a black plate

 Chef Jonathon Sawyer –

Here at chef Lola’s Kitchen, we only share food that we would eat ourselves, and that means that every bite is packed with flavor and prepared by someone who cares. 

Just like Chef Jonathon Sawyer of, our aim here at chef Lola’s Kitchen is to give you the opportunity to return to the dining table. 

Our approach to food is simple. We create recipes using high-quality ingredients and preparation techniques that allow the flavors to shine, leaving you with taste memories that will transport you back to something you want to feel again.

Be your own chef and make your food from scratch

We know that it can be hard to find great-tasting recipes for those nights when you want to bring a little bit of restaurant flair into your own kitchen, which is why we’ve made it our mission to provide you with amazing recipes that are easy to follow and will make your family and guests feel like they’re dining at one of their favorite eateries.

So whether you are just starting out or have been cooking for years, we hope that this blog becomes a resource that you turn to again and again as you plan your next dinner party or family meal—and that it helps you create memories and make connections through a shared love of food.

We believe in the power of homemade food! When you create something for yourself and those you love, you’re doing something truly special: making a meal that is entirely yours.


They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day—and we totally agree. Breakfast is just one of those things that is better if you make it yourself. There’s just something about knowing every single ingredient that went into your meal and the satisfaction of cooking for yourself.

If you’ve ever wondered what you can make for breakfast that is not just an egg sandwich or a bowl of cereal, read on!

Start your morning off with this Oatmeal waffles recipe. It makes the perfect start to any busy day, and it is so easy to make! This easy baked french toast recipe is made with homemade brioche bread cooked until light and fluffy in the center with crispy edges coated in buttery syrup! 

Banana Oatmeal Waffle

We know that the last thing you want is a rushed bowl of cereal—you deserve so much more than that. There are so many different recipes you can make for breakfast. But which is the best? Here are some of our favorites: potatoes and egg stewa bowl of hot breakfast semolina porridgeSandwich, Pancakesbreakfast potatoesdutch oven breadshrimp and grits recipebanana muffinssweet potato hashShakshuka

Easy Creamy Turkey Salad Sandwich, scrambled tofu. When you start your day with a satisfying meal, you’ll get more out of the day ahead! 

Southern food 

The South is home to many traditions and cultures. Immigrants from all over the world have brought their own traditions and foods here, creating a beautiful culinary melting pot.

When you are looking for comfort food with a kick, you can’t go wrong with Southern recipes. Southern dishes are renowned for their use of inexpensive ingredients and rich flavors.

For starters, you can’t beat a good Southern breakfast: shrimp and grits or our Sweet, Creamy Breakfast Grits.

Suppose you need a recipe for the main event. In that case, we have the southern fried chicken recipe,  Creamy red beans, and riceShrimp CreoleSpicy Jambalaya with chicken and andouille sausageSouthern Black-Eyed Peas recipeChicken Shrimp And Sausage GumboEasy Creamy Smothered Chicken, and Gravy Recipe Cajun Jambalaya Pasta Recipe with Shrimps, Chicken, and Sausage and much more. 

Now that you’ve got your meat let’s talk sides! You can’t have a great southern meal without biscuits, coleslaw is a fantastic way to use up vegetables from your garden, and cornbread offers a nice change from biscuits and gravy

And finally, no southern meal is complete without a healthy helping of collard greens! We have the perfect recipe over here.

Shrimp is sauteed with peppers and sweet onion, and served over a bowl of hot cheese grits

African Recipes

Chef Lola’s Kitchen is all about bringing bold, exciting flavors to your table—and that means there’s nothing we love more than a good get-together. So whether it’s a family gathering or a cocktail party for your friends, our goal is to help you be the best host by creating recipes that are delicious and easy to prepare. Our delicious African recipes will leave your family begging for more!

Each African country has its own unique cuisine that is influenced by their local ingredients and culture. For example, there is a spicy dish called Jollof rice in Nigeria. This dish is cooked over low heat, and it takes less than an hour to prepare this tasty meal that will have your whole family asking for more! 

Pounded yam and  Fufu are also popular dishes in Nigeria! Pounded yam is made from  True yam| African yam, and it tastes like mashed potatoes (without butter), while Fufu is made from cassava. The fufu/cassava needs to be pounded before eating it. These dishes can be eaten with different stews, and sauces like Okro SoupEfo riroEgusi SoupJute Leaves Soup (Ewedu), and much more.

In the western part of Africa, we have dishes like Chicken pepper soupPeanut SoupChicken StewWest African Pepper SauceAkara – AcarajeMeat pieNigerian Fried RiceHot Pot PotatoesYassa PouletBanga soupEwa Riro – Stewed Beans Puff puffAfrican Pepper SoupNigerian Egg RollsTurkey StewMoin MoinSuya spiceNigerian BunsYam PorridgeAfrican style coconut Rice Nigerian Beef Stew and much more!

On the eastern part, we have Sukuma Wiki | African Braised Collard GreensEast African Pilau – Kenyan pilauAfrican IrioEast African Chapati RecipeMatokeKachumbari, and Mandazi.

We also have the North-Eastern part of Africa (Ethiopia), where we have recipes like InjeraGomen Wat, and Doro wat.

Shakshuka-North African Poached Eggs in Tomato Sauce is an elegant dish prevalent in North Africa. Harissa-a spicy but delicious sauce is also a favorite in North Africa.

In the southern part, like Zimbabwe, we have Sadza–Ugali. We also have the famous Peri-peri Chicken in South Africa. While this delicious chicken recipe did not originate in South Africa, it is pretty popular.


Bread Recipes

Today there are so many different types of bread recipes available that it can be hard to choose just one favorite! One thing we know for sure, though – homemade bread tastes much better than store-bought ones! 

Whipping up something like crusty artisan bread from scratch can seem pretty daunting—but it’s not as scary as it looks! And the best part is that you can literally make it your own with just a little extra elbow grease and imagination.

We’re all about easy-to-follow, easy-to-remember recipes that turn out perfect every time. Here are some of our No-knead bread recipe favorites to help you make restaurant-quality bread right in your own home: Crusty No-knead Dutch Oven BreadNo-Knead Garlic Pull-Apart Bread LoafNo-Knead Potato Bread (SANDWICH BREAD)How to Make Easy No-Knead Rosemary Focaccia BreadSandwich Bread (No-kneading!)Garlic Bread (Garlic Knots)No-knead Bread rolls (Soft Dinner Rolls)No-Knead French Bread (Baguette)

If you find yourself at the end of your rope trying to get that perfect crust on your bread, this Crusty No-knead Dutch Oven Bread recipe is for you. The trick is to use a Dutch oven. Don’t let the name scare you—it just means this particular pot has a lid that can take high heat.

And if you’re not sure where to start, why not try out our list of the best-tasting bread recipes:  Bread RollsSausage Bread RollsChicken Bread LoafSweet Milk Bread recipeRaisin Bread Rolls, and Whole wheat Bread.

Here are other quick bakes that you can also try: Easy Rice Flour BreadOatmeal Banana BreadPlantain BreadHomemade Banana Bread

So you’re in the mood for some homemade baked goods other than bread? We’ve got some delicious recipes from all around the world that are sure to satisfy your craving, whether is sweet, savory, crunchy, or chewy: American Homemade, Flaky, and Buttery Pie CrustItalian No-Knead Rosemary Focaccia BreadHomemade Pizza RecipeAfrican Plantain cakeNigerian Meat pie, and Jamaican Patties.

Sliced Focaccia bread

Cookies should not be left out of the show! Cookies are basically the best, and that’s why we love making them so much. So whether you’re looking for a classic chocolate chip or a more creative treat, we have something for every taste and skill level!

Below are our favorite recipes that will make your taste buds sing and leave your guests completely satisfied.

With these easy-to-follow recipes, you can even get your kids involved in baking time.

Simple dinner or an extravagant dinner party

If you’re looking for restaurant-quality dinner recipes, look no farther. Chef Lola’s Kitchen is a recipe site that makes it easy to cook like a chef at home. We’ve got everything from classic dishes to exotic cuisine, and all with step-by-step instructions so even the most inexperienced cook can make like a Michelin star chef in their own kitchen.

We have a lot of quick dinner recipes in under 30 minutes. These recipes are easy enough for a weeknight but gourmet enough to impress your family and guests. Here are a few: Easy Chicken Taco RecipeEasy One-Pot Ground Beef PastaBeef Couscous RecipeGround beef, and potatoes DinnerEasy Chicken Bell pepper Stir-FryEasy Beef stir-fry with Bell PepperShrimp Pineapple Fried RiceBlackened Salmon with Sauteed Spinach and Mushrooms, and Shrimp Creole.

Here’s a great selection of quality dinners you can make at home: Tender and Juicy Pan-seared Lamb Chops, Homemade chiliJamaican oxtails,  Deliciously creamy chicken coconut sauceSmooth, sweet, and savory Mashed Sweet Potatoes Lemon Garlic Baked CodFish RecipeEasy Creamy Smothered Chicken and Gravy RecipeSpicy Jambalaya with chicken and andouille sausageHomemade Pizza Recipe

Garlic Roasted Potatoes with Rosemary, Classic Creamy Potato Salad Potluck Delight!

Salad doesn’t have to be boring.

If you don’t love salad and think of them as rabbit food. We will change the narrative for you. You will find new ways to make salads that feel more substantial and delicious on this platform. 

You’ll be amazed at how simple it is to make this Healthy Salmon Salad Recipe, and it tastes so good too. It feels like an indulgence but still keeps you on track with your health goals.

We have some Restaurant-quality salad recipes that will make you want to eat salads every day! With just a few simple ingredients, you will be able to whip up these tomato-based salads in no time – Classic Summer Tomato Cucumber SaladQuick and Easy Tomato SaladPico De Gallo, and Kachumbari! You can even make them ahead of time and keep them in the fridge until needed.

The best salads are the ones you can eat for any meal. These recipes are perfect for a light breakfast, a healthy lunch, or a quick dinner: Avocado Chimichurri Chicken SaladClassic Nigerian SaladBlack Eyed Peas Salad with simple vinaigrette dressing, and Delicious Make-Ahead 7 Layer Salad.

We’ve got all sorts of different flavors, from sweet to spicy to savory, so feel free to take a look through these recipes and find one that’s just right for you.

Flavorful black-eyed pea recipe loaded with lots of fresh vegetables

One-pot Recipes

One-pot recipes are a great idea for feeding your hungry family without making too much of a mess in the kitchen, and the best part is that they are super easy to clean up! One-pot recipes have been trending and becoming more popular with each passing year. These recipes have gained popularity due to their simplicity and convenience. For example, our Easy One-Pot Ground Beef PastaBeef Couscous Recipe,

Also, their simplicity makes them perfect for busy weeknights when you want something quick and delicious after a long, hard day of work. You don’t have to miss out on some amazing tasting food, even if you don’t have a lot of time. These tasty recipes are simple, quick, and budget-friendly.

No-Fuss Spaghetti SauceEasy Sauteed Skillet Green Beans, and Bacon are perfect examples of recipes that help you save time in the kitchen without sacrificing flavor.

Traditionally, one-pot meals have felt more like a last-minute desperation meal than dish. But that doesn’t have to be the case. With the right techniques and ingredients, you can get an easy cooking experience with the result that’s just as good as what you’d get at a restaurant.

Restaurant quality meals can be yours with these one-pot recipes: Creamy red beans and riceSmooth, sweet, and savory Mashed Sweet PotatoesSpicy Jambalaya with chicken and andouille sausage

Cajun Jambalaya Pasta Recipe with Shrimps, Chicken, and Sausage, instant pot brown rice.

Cooked Red Beans in a pan

Soups, Stews, and Sauces

Ready to take your cooking game to the next level? These soups, stews, and sauces will make you feel like a professional chef.

Soups: A hearty soup is especially great in colder weather and is an easy option for meals throughout the week since they keep well and can be frozen easily. African Pepper SoupSimple African Chicken pepper soupOkro Soup with spinachOgbono SoupBanga Soup | Niger-Delta style palm nut soupEasy African Chicken Peanut SoupOkro pepper soup

Stews: Stews are similar to soups, but they are generally thicker as they cook at a lower temperature over a longer period of time. They often contain less liquid than soups and are typically served over rice or pasta. Nigerian Beef StewChicken Shrimp, And Sausage GumboChicken Yassa – poulet-au-yassaJamaican oxtailDoro Watcatfish stewHearty Salmon Stew

Sauces: Sauces can be either savory (think pepper sauce) or sweet (like caramel sauce) and are meant to complement the food you’re eating them with. Sauces can make almost anything taste better! No-Fuss Spaghetti SauceWest African Pepper SauceEasy Chicken Curry RecipeCoconut Curry FishNigerian Pepper Sauce.

Close look on Pasta sauce scooped with a wooden spoon from a pot

Chicken Recipes

Chicken is a versatile food that’s easy to cook and easy to turn into a multitude of dishes. For example, chicken can be friedroastedbaked, cooked into soups and stews, or stir-fried. The possibilities are endless! 

With these easy-to-follow recipes, you will be amazed at how easy it is to make Chicken dishes in your own kitchen. You won’t believe how good they taste.

Here are some of our delicious and easy chicken recipes cooked in soups, stews, or sauces that will have you feeling like a professional chef: Easy Creamy Smothered Chicken and Gravy Recipedeliciously creamy chicken coconut sauceSpicy Jambalaya with chicken and andouille sausageNigerian Chicken StewDoro Wat – Ethiopian Chicken stewEasy African Chicken Peanut SoupChicken YassaEasy Chicken Curry Recipe and Easy African Chicken Peanut Soup.

Grilled, baked, fried, or roasted Chicken recipes Peri-Peri Chicken (Piri-Piri Chicken)Jerk Chicken Wings RecipeCrispy Fried Chicken DrumsticksPerfect Juicy Baked Chicken BreastsAir Fryer Chicken Drumsticks- (Chicken Leg recipe)Easy Air Fryer Whole Chicken RecipeCrispy Air Fryer Chicken WingsEasy Baked Chicken Drumsticks recipeEasy Dry Rub Roast ChickenDry Rub Baked Chicken Wings

You can also try our other favorite main meal chicken recipes: honey garlic chickenCoconut Fried RiceEasy One-Pot Chicken and RiceChicken Fried RiceChicken Vegetable CouscousChicken Stir fry with SpinachChickenTacos. In addition, you can use chicken to make other dishes such as Stir-FriesSaladsandwiches, or wraps!

Nigerian fried Rice served in a white bowl

Caribbean food 

Caribbean food is so much more than jerk chicken. It is some of the most delicious and diverse food in the world. It’s a fusion of flavors that combine to create an eating experience like no other. 

Jamaican jerk seasoning Spice Blend originates in Jamaica, and it features allspice, cloves, cinnamon, scotch bonnet peppers, and thyme. This unique combination of spices gives it a unique flavor profile that will have you coming back for more!

Another great dish from the region is Jamaican oxtails. The dish is full of hearty flavors and sits in a long braise resulting in meat that easily falls off the bone. 

If you are looking for new recipes to try, here are some of our favorites: Delicious Jamaican Rice And PeasCreamy Jamaican Cornmeal PorridgeJerk Chicken Wings RecipeJamaican Meat Pie (Jamaican Beef Patty), and Caribbean Green seasoning

Jamaican oxtail stew garnished with parsley

Air Fryer Recipes

And one of the best ways to use an air fryer is to make air fryer recipes, which save you time, money, and calories without skimping on flavor or nutrition.

The beauty of this kitchen appliance is that it can be used to cook a wide variety of dishes, from breakfast foods like  Air Fryer Baby Potatoes to lunch staples like Chicken wings and Crispy Air Fryer French Fries. In fact, there are so many recipes out there that it’s hard to know where to start!

It’s not really a surprise that air fryers are all the rage right now. After all, they’re the perfect solution to our modern dilemma of wanting delicious, crispy foods without all the fat and calories that come with frying them in oil.

If you’ve never used one before, air fryers work by circulating hot air around the food at high speeds, creating a crispy outer layer without the excess fat and calories that come along with deep-frying. As a result, Air-frying is a healthier version of deep-frying—so much so that some people have dubbed it “healthy” or “guilt-free” frying.

Whether you are already an air fryer devotee or are just starting to experiment with this trendy new appliance, here are five delicious recipes for you to try (all made in an air fryer). Try these: Perfect Air fryer potato recipePerfectly crispy air fryer potatoesAir fryer turkey legsAir Fryer Turkey BreastAir Fryer Turkey WingsCrispy air fryer chicken wingsAir Fryer Chicken Drumsticks- (Chicken Leg recipe)Easy Air Fryer Whole Chicken RecipeOven-roasted turkey legs, and Air Fryer Turkey Breast.

If you want to learn how to make these delicious meals right in the comfort of your own home, sign up now to start getting great recipes sent straight to your inbox. You’ll get a free recipe every week, and I’ll be happy to know what you think! Bon Apetit!